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Kumpulan : Jurnal Ilmiah (Non-Kategori) [Inggris]
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Pengarang : Suwoyo, Muhaimin Rifa'i, Widodo, Muahmmad Sasmiti Djati
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Penerbitan : Poltekkes Malang, Malang: 2019.
Bahasa : Inggris
Lokasi : PUSAT-25-A-
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INTRODUCTION Measles is an acute and contagious viral disease characterized by three stages, the incubation stage, the prodromal stage, and the eruption stage. The disease affects children[1], and the incidence rate of measles in Indonesia is relatively high, with 12,943 measles cases reported in 2014, rising from 11,521 cases in 2013. An unusual incidence of measles in East Java has been reported with about 41 incidents with 187 cases; Banten and South Sumatra had 14 rare incidents of measles.[2] The implementation of immunization for children has reached 90% of the targets. This high achievement of Access this article online Website: ISSN: 0975-7619 vaccination should be followed by the decline in the number and incidence of diseases. However, a portion of children in Indonesia could not obtain immunization.[2] In general, during the growing phase of children, they tend to experience more than 100 kinds of infectious diseases, with causal agents such as viruses, bacteria, and other parasites, before becoming an adult. Infectious diseases tend to occur in persons with a lowered immune system. This low state of immunity, especially in children, can be triggered by various factors. One is exposure to high levels of pollution of soil, water, and air in daily life[1] as well as in foods consumed. The Indonesian eating culture is dominated by the consumption of food that is smoked, partially burned, or baked. This practice is getting more common, including in children. The use of such foods needs to be monitored carefully since they can contain benzo[a] 1Department of Environmental Science, Doctoral Program of Environmental Science, Brawijaya University, Jalan Veteran, Malang, East Java 65145, Indonesia, 2Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Life Sciences, Brawijaya University, Jalan Veteran, Malang, East Java 65145, Indonesia


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