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The Effectiveness of Communication Information and Education to ward Knowledge and Reading Interest of Maternal and Child Health Book of Pregnant Mothers In Batu City, East Java-Indonesia

Kumpulan : Jurnal Ilmiah (Non-Kategori) [Indonesia]
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Pengarang : Rita Yulifah1, Surachmindari2, Tri Johan Agus Yuswanto3,
Klasifikasi/Subjek : , KIE, Knowledge about KIA book, Reading interest of KIA book.
Penerbitan : Nursing News, Malang: 2017.
Bahasa : Indonesia
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Mortality Rate (MMR) in Indonesia is still high relatively, in 2011 the MMR in Indonesia is 240/100 thousands birth rate. in 2012 it increased to 346/100.000 thousands birth rate. the numbers is till far from Millineum Development Goals (MDG-s) 2015 which is 102/100 thousands birth rate. One of the efforts developed by Ministry of Health is by empowering families and people by KIA book. BygivingKIA book expectedmotherwillread itso thatat leastthey know about the health oftheir pregnancy. However,the phenomenonshowsIndonesian peopleare still notmake reading as theprimarysource ofinformation, Indonesiaholds thelowestpositionwith a score of51.7underthe Philippines(score 52.6), Thailand(score 65.1), Singapore(score 74.0) andHongkong(score 75.5) in addition, fromthe results ofa preliminarystudywithinterviewsof pregnant womenwhowho have pregnancy checkup,statingthat theyseldomreadthe bookandthought thatKIAbook isonlytaken duringprenatal care.This research aimed at knowing the effectiveness of KIE towardKnowledge About KIA Book and Reading Interest of KIA Book.. Theresearch designused is Experiment with pretest-post test control group design. Population in this research is all of pregnant women Batu City area, with the amount of population was 60 people, divided into 2groups. Sample taking using simple random sampling technique. Data processing analyzed using independent sample test, research result shows before KIE that half of respondents, 46.7% has moderate knowledge and 56.7% moderate interest. After KIE, half of respondent 83.3% has good knowledge and 73.3% higt interest. Based on independent sample test with significance level of 0.05, significance value of 0.001<0.05 was obtained, and mean difference of knowledge is more than the interest value 12,063>9,533. The significance ofthe resultsisthatpregnant mothershave a good knwoledge about the content of KIAbook will have high awareness for KIA book reading, while pregnant mother whohave less knowledge about content of KIA book have a tendency not to read KIA book. It is therefore expectedfor pregnant mothersto furtherincreaseinterestin reading KIAbook thatdetermine the health ofpregnantmothersandtomake early detectionof irregularities in thepregnancy. Keywords: KIE, Knowledge about KIA book, Reading interest of KIA book.


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